Brightly Woven By Alexandra Bracken

Sydelle was just having another normal day with her best friend in their small little town that is currently having a drought for nearly 10 years. They were playing in the forest when all of a sudden rain starts falling from the sky. This is when Sydelle runs into a powerful wizard named, Wayland North, who started the rain. 

When Palmarta’s king dies and the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death incites a war, Sydelle’s village is threatened, and she is rescued by Wayland North. Sydelle’s talent for weaving and her quick mind catches his interest, and he needs her help if he’s stop the war and the dangerous, vindictive wizard behind it. The story moves quickly, keeping you on edge, and Bracken packs a lot of action and travel into her pages. Sydelle’s and North’s journey takes them all across Palmarta and further.

There is a quick love story intertwined also with this and you start to fall for the mysterious love with Sydelle and North as they travel throughout the story. The reader will see how much they seem to care for each other throughout the journey.

We find out that there is something special about Sydelle that no one could of predicted. The Queen wants her dead and North tries to protect her as Sydelle tries to protect him.

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